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At Noble Gallery Antiques, it is our mission to provide our clients the finest assortment of decorative art and antiques from around the World. We feature merchandise that boasts the perfect blend of good taste and quality that will satisfy both private collectors and set designers.


Movie Prop Rentals

Noble Gallery Antiques is pleased to offer all items that are present in our inventory for movie rental. We have over 10 000 sq ft of furniture and decorative art objects dating from the 17th century, all the way to the 20th century. Our selection includes French Louis, English Georgian, Americana/Canadiana Country, Art Deco and Mid-century modern items.

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Premier Antiques Dealer Toronto

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for your antique collection? If you’re a passionate collector or a set designer, we have an extensive collection of decorative art and antiques for you. Noble Gallery Antiques provide the finest collection of antiques, including furniture, art, sculpture, decorative objects, silverware, ceramics, and much more. We research and source a spectacular assortment of decorative art and antiques from around the World. People collect antiques for various reasons. For some, it’s a hobby while some buy antiques to decorate their home. No matter why you love these unique pieces, we make sure you get an authentic item. We have a collection of items that will make you feel connected to the past. If you’re an antique collector, we can help you find items dating from the 17th century to the 20th century. We also have hand-made antique furniture and decorative objects that are available for movie set rental.

At Noble Gallery Antiques, we have more than four decades of experience in antiques. We have combined our passion, experience, and expertise to create a collection that inspires everyone- from private collectors and architects to interior decorators and set designers. Over the years, our gallery has constantly grown and we are actively engaged in sourcing antiques from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We keep introducing our clients to objects of different ages, materials, and artists that are a significant part of the history of fine art.

Noble Gallery Antiques is the place where you can find the most unique, interesting, and valuable artworks. Whether you’re looking for French Antiques in porcelain or bronze items, we have a large inventory of furniture, art, sculpture, silver, ethnic artifacts, and other pieces from the 18th century. As the leading procurer of fine antiques, we take pride in offering items from French Louis and English Georgian to Art Deco and Mid-century modern items.


An Extensive Collection of Unique Items

At Noble Gallery Antiques, we not only provide a beautiful collection of the most unique items but also offer personalized and unparalleled services. Besides providing you in-depth knowledge of the objects, we can also help source items for you. Whether you want to purchase dinnerware, carpets, or lighting for decorating your house or need objects to be used as movie props, we can meet all your demands. Our gallery features French and English antique items that are available for sale and rental at the best prices. Whether you have modern or contemporary décor, antiques can add texture and personality to almost any space.

Antique collection is not merely a hobby. It is a passion and most items increase in value as they age more. It means that the older these items get, the more they are worth it. Whether you prefer art décor, furniture, or anything in between, you always take a piece of history with you. So, visit our gallery or browse our online store to find a unique piece.

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