Chateau Vieuville

The Chateau de la Vieuville is a 19th century Neo Gothic style Chateau designed by the 19th Century Architect Mellet and has preserved all it's original interior architectural features as well as important tapestries, boiseries (woodwork) and paintings.Some of the important features of the chateau interior were removed from the original owners ancient Chateau located a few hundred meters away. In the entry hall of the Chateau as well as the dining room there are important 17th and 18th century tapestries . These depict pastoral scenes and hunting scenes typical of the period.

On the second floor an important 17th century wood panelled room with original neoclassical grisaille painted walls (Peinture en Grisaille). These important boiseries (woodwork) were painted in a tone on tone style to mimic ancient classical decor and contain a famous scene from antiquity (Greek mythology) “the Judgement of Paris”

On the main floor in the East Tower the Chateau library contains original French books the oldest from the 16th Century . The Chateau library has been saved in its entirety and remains an important original collection .

The Chateau contains many important antiques ,porcelain and furnishings from the 17th to 19th centuries. Porcelain by Sevres, Meissen and Wedgwood . Furniture including by Jean Baptiste Boulard the cabinet maker to Louis XVI who produced important pieces for Versaille. The Chateau is a living example of French History encompassing the period from the Renaissance to the romantic Belle Epoque period of the late 19th century .

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