18th Century

18th Century Porcelain in Greater Toronto

The porcelain formula, which was closely guarded by its original inventors, the Chinese, was rediscovered at the beginning of the 18th Century in Germany (Meissen). Prior to that, the Europeans had no choice but to import porcelain, however, after the formula was rediscovered, porcelain production quickly spread across Europe.

At the time, porcelain was only produced in small quantities for royal and noble collections. Because of that, the quality of the 18th Century Porcelain is much higher when compared to what was made in the following centuries.

Some of the characteristics of porcelain made in 18th century are:

  • More detailed, hand-painted designs
  • Better quality gilding

Due to its rarity and an extraordinary high quality, 18th Century porcelain is considered to be an object of extremely high value among collectors.

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